SBSTS   StarBoard Student Tablet Software Plugin

You can register a StarBoard Software page to StarBoard Student Tablet Software as a question with this plugin.
After installing this plug-in, please restart StarBoard Software before using StarBoard Student Tablet Software.

StarBoard Student Tablet Software may not be sold in your area.

For SBS9.42/9.43 [Win/Mac]     FAQ
StarBoard VT-E1   StarBoard VT-E1

You can launch StarBoard VT-E1 through StarBoard Software with this plugin.

For SBS9.41/9.42/9.43 [Win only]     FAQ
dual pen   Dual Pen

Dual Pen provides borderless simultaneous input function.
Dual Pen is available with following finger input-able boards:
- FX-TRIO, FX-DUO, PX-DUO, StarBoard Link EZ/EZ2, FX-73E1, FX-79E1, FX-83E1, FX-89WE1

For SBS9.34/9.4/9.41/9.42/9.43 [Win/Mac]     FAQ
elmotopic   Elmo Player

You can control Elmo document camera through StarBoard Software with this plugin. Before installation, please read through "README".

For SBS9.33/9.34/9.4/9.41/9.42/9.43 [Win (32bit) only]     README     FAQ
handwrite   Handwriting Text Recognition

The handwriting text recognition plugin is software that uses the Windows handwriting text recognition function to convert handwritten text.
In some versions of Windows may not use the language features of handwritten character recognition.

For SBS9.33/9.34/9.4/9.41/9.42/9.43 [Win only]     FAQ
puzzle   Picture Puzzle

Generates a 25 piece puzzle of the page displayed. The pieces can be dragged and dropped to their appropriate positions to complete the puzzle.

For SBS9.33/9.34/9.4/9.41/9.42/9.43 [Win/Mac]     FAQ
randomnumber   Random Number Generator

Adds a slot machine tool, which generates up to 7 digits of random numbers. The generated number can be dragged and dropped to the StarBoard Software window as a text object.

For SBS9.33/9.34/9.4/9.41/9.42/9.43 [Win/Mac(Leopard, SnowLeopard only)]     FAQ
table   Create Table

Generates a table of arbitrary size, up to 5 * 5.

For SBS9.33/9.34/9.4/9.41/9.42/9.43 [Win/Mac]     FAQ
commonfileformat   Common File Format Support

You can import/export Common File Format File(*.iwb) in StarBoard Software with this plugin.

* This plugin only exports Whiteboard topic.
* Based on the purpose of Common File Format that provides generic format, some attributes in StarBoard Software are not compatible with Common File Format. Then, you may get result that is slightly different from what you expected.

For SBS9.33/9.34/9.4/9.41/9.42/9.43 [Win/Mac]     FAQ
ContentCaptureCenter   Content Capture Center

This is an updated version of "Content Capture Center" plugin for StarBoard Software 9.33. It fixes the following issues:
- Unable to paste images from List View.
- The list of captured images does not show correctly in some instances.

The Content Capture Center Plugin is a tool used for recording photos and movies, and pasting them into the StarBoard Software or saving them as a file.

For SBS9.33 [Win/Mac]     FAQ
WelcomeScreen   Welcome Screen

This is an updated version of "Welcome Screen" plugin for StarBoard Software 9.33. It fixes the following issues:
- The main window is not restored correctly in some instances.

The Welcome Screen Plugin provides shortcuts for frequently used functions and useful links.

For SBS9.33 [Win/Mac]     FAQ
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